Company – mission/vision

Social and economic values determine the company’s orientation.

strategic. service oriented. innovative.


“Leading through innovation and courage” is the principle of our thoughts and actions.

According to this motto, we develop new and novel ideas in the world of packaging so that we can achieve maximum benefits together with our customers.

As an innovative manufacturer of paper-based packaging solutions, ROBA GROUP provide products and services that help visualise the quality of our partners’ products and maintain this quality over the entire supply chain. In this way, we want to contribute significantly to the success of our customers.

As a medium-sized family-owned company, we view people – both employees and customers – as being in the centre of our activities; internally and externally, we strive for long-term relationships based on fairness and mutual respect.

We define our success based on the degree of achievement of our sustainability objectives in economic, environmental, and social terms.


Dr. Roman Bauernfeind MBA

Hauptstrasse 137 E
CH-8274 Tägerwilen
Telefon +41 52 7631000