Conserving resources

Corrugated board – the material from which sustainability arises.

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Raw material

By their very nature, products made of corrugated board satisfy the requirements for sustainability today and in future. ROBA GROUP packaging already consists of up to 80% recycled paper. Our production waste is collected and recycled. Upon request, FSC®-certified papers can be processed.


Industrial production and processing at ROBA have been completely revamped and modernised in recent years, leading to significant reductions in the consumption of energy and water, as well as emissions. The use of extremely lightweight paper and small flutes makes it possible to reduce material without affecting the functions of the packaging.


The goal of product development at ROBA is to reduce or replace the use of petroleum-based raw materials through corrugated board. Raw materials and supplies (e.g. glue and ink) have natural origins and are recycled using appropriate collection and reclaiming systems.