Premium is standard

ROBA packaging products satisfy technical and economic requirements and redefine the market for individual solutions.

strategic. service oriented. innovative.

As a packaging manufacturer, we know how to interpret the needs of the market so that we are capable of optimally supplying the packaging processing industry and commerce both economically and with the right processes.

As a packaging developer, we deal with the strategic and innovative possibilities of future-oriented packaging and packaging systems.

This technology we use is always state-of-the-art.

Printing machine KBA Rapida 162
Laminating systems BOBST Masterflute combined with BHS (also double flutes)
STOCK laminating system
Punching machines BOBST 162 CER + BOBST 145 PER + RODA 1600
Gluing machines BOBST Domino 165 + BAHM√úLLER Turbox 2