A tempting offer

Products that are presented attractively receive attention and ensure success at the POS.

strategic. service oriented. innovative.

In this special discipline, the goal is to create unique three-dimensional designs out of flat board and corrugated board. As a product carrier or a POS marketing tool: the production of displays demands above all exceptional creativity. In order to strengthen this business unit, ROBA have further intensified their co-operation with bauernfeind DRUCK + DISPLAY in Obergrünburg (Austria), and are now benefiting from the digital printing technology available there.

Product development

Only exceptional solutions have the opportunity to be used in an economically interesting manner. ROBA is facing this challenge by adding proven display specialists to their network.


Manufacturing is performed according to industrial standards, including in smaller series. Success factors include extensive production facilities, digital printing, as well as the possibilities of printing corrugated board directly using HD flexographic or offset methods.


ROBA take care of the setup, equipment as well as logistics services in co-operation with professional partners. The functionality and advertising effectiveness of displays play a significant role in deciding on further orders in the creativity sector; they are qualitative factors for ROBA’s sales strategy.

Material Corrugated board, solid board
Printability Offset, flexographic and digital painting
Development 3D visualisation, prototyping